Since the day of foundation, we have adopted as our aim to offer the work experience, saving and work history which we gained in the matter of textile, to our customers using technological productivity at the utmist level.Our company, which has Bed Linen, cotton waste, sheet quailt and clippings are producing all the main ingredients of a functioning infrastructure needed by the textile, mainly acrylic debris.As a company, not only domestically, textile raw materials at the same time we have a human resources and logistical support equipped to make sales abroad. We are proud to be a respectable place in this area and our 13 years of experience to handle the most intensive effort that our path and work out a result of domestic and foreign raw materials needed by the sector. Our goal as Makiteks Textile is unconditional customer satisfaction.In this context, our product quality and our experts are committed towards making the best of our 13 years of industry experience.

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